Posted on: February 28, 2010 3:10 am

An Expanded Tournament

It's ridiculous to think that we could be looking at a 96 team tournament field next year. Heck, anything more than 65 is ridiculous. But to be perfectly honest, I still think 65 teams is dumb. The tournament needs to go back to 64 teams. That way everybody would have to win the same amount of games to be the national champion. Of course the tournament hasn't been this way since 2000 but it still wouldn't hurt to go back to that. (For those of you wondering, the field expanded to 65 teams when the Mountain West Conference was formed. Instead of giving up one of the 34 at-large bids, the NCAA decided to keep them and add one more automatic conference bid. This meant that there would be 31 automatic bids to the NCAA Tournament since there were now 31 conferences.)

Anyway, let's think about why an expansion to the tournament would be such a bad idea.

#1 Office pools would suck. Seriously, who wants to fill out a 96 team bracket? Who has the time for one? Heck, people rarely even pick the play-in game. This proves that 64 is the ideal number.

#2 There aren't that many teams that are good enough to be in it. You're telling me that there are more than 65 teams that have a legitimate shot at being the national champion? Really there aren't even 65; or even 32 for that matter. Having a 96 team tournament would pretty much guarantee any team from the 6 major conferences with a winning record would get in and mid-majors such as the Atlantic 10 and Conference USA would be getting half of their teams in every year. That is absolutely absurd.

#3 Fans would be fatigued over watching so many games. There's no way people would be willing to watch 95 games. The 63 games (or 64 games if you're a hardcore fan) is already good enough. No need to add 31 more pointless games.

#4 More teams would get byes. In a 96 team tournament, the top 32 teams would get byes. I'm sorry but I believe that NOBODY should get a bye in the NCAA Tournament. Kansas should have no more of an advantage than Texas Southern.

#5 Three weeks of college basketball is enough. If we added another round, the tournament wouldn't end until mid-April! There's a reason it's called March Madness dang it! Let's keep all or most of the tournament in March.

#6 Expanding the NCAA Tournament from 65 teams to 96 teams while the BCS refuses to expand its tournament to anything more than 2 teams would be absurd. That's another topic that I could rant on so I'm just gonna say...'Nuff said.

#7 The NIT would become extinct. At one time, the NIT was more prestigious than the NCAA Tournament. Why throw away all of that tradition by expanding the NCAA Tournament? While the NIT is no NCAA Tournament, it's still pretty awesome.

#8 Teams would no longer earn their way in. By expanding the tournament to 96 teams, we are basically saying that every team should get involved...kinda like college football's bowl season. Seriously, whatever happened to earning something. Everything these days seems to be just given away. I'm sorry but not every team deserves a trophy and not every team deserves to be in a tournament.

#9 It would kill the significance of the conference tournaments. Conference tournaments are HUGE. They cause more drama and more bubbles to burst than any other part of the season (with exception to the Big Dance). Allowing 96 teams in the NCAA Tournament would make these games meaningless as everyone from their conference tournament quarterfinals would be already guaranteed to be in the Big Dance.

#10 (This is the biggest one.) My girlfriend would break up with me. She always counts on not seeing me for 3 weeks of the year. She knows I'm always glued to the television set and that I'll watch literally every game. Because she knows it's only 3 weeks, she allows me to do it (although she hates to). If this tournament were to expand, she won't be able to handle it. She'd leave me faster than Britney Spears did with K-Fed. This can't happen. I can't be put in a position to choose between college basketball and my girlfriend. Because, if I were to be, I would have to choose college basketball.  Wink
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